About Yellow Bird Products

Yellow Bird Products, Inc. is a U.S.A. company located in Spring Grove, Illinois. It manufactures an extensive line of brand name fishing products for the fishing enthusiast. Some of the brands have
been helping anglers catch fish since 1893.

Under the umbrella name of Yellow Bird Fishing Products, Inc. the company created and manufactures the “Original, Totally Redesigned” Yellow Bird planer boards and accessories which are used for both big and small boat trolling.These Planer Boards allow you to cover more water with numerous poles allowing you to efficiently catch an abundance of fish.

Our Company also manufactures hard baits, spoons and spinner lures with the following brand names.

About Yellow Bird Products

Yellow Bird Planer Boards – completely re-designed in 2015.

Yellow Bird Hard Baits – Precision crafted realistic lures, our newest introduction.

Doctor Spoons – double action spoons that have been catching fish for over 60 years.

K-B Spoons – catching fish since 1929.

Prescott Spinners – the original spinner introduced in 1893 has caught millions of fish of all species.

T-Weight Teflon Coated Sinkers – slides through cover, rocks, brush and weeds. 

High Standards & Innovation

All our products are made to the same exacting standards, meticulous craftsmanship and superb quality as set by their originators and have been enjoyed by anglers for many generations.

As the new and enthusiastic owners of Yellow Bird Products, we are dedicated to maintaining these standards and bringing you new and innovative products that will increase your enjoyment of your next fishing experience.

We would like to think that if Charlie Staph, the master fisherman and originator of the Prescott Spinners were still around today, he would approve and be proud of what we are doing with the company.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you with Yellow Bird Products for years to come.

Good Fishing!

Rick Battalini


Just want to send a note of thanks for a great product. Last week group of 4 fished in La Zona on the Uruguay River for monster golden dorado. 11 over 40lbs including 3 over 50lbs were landed on either the Weedless Papa Doc 2oz or the 2oz Doctor Spoon. Largest at 55lbs just missing the World Record.
Monster Golden Dorado Bob Daly
his time my wife Anne brought her luck to the boat for an hour. After 30 minutes this thick 44-incher whacked the All-Copper Papa Doc & 5" black pork rind that I was casting over a nice weed bed. I'd switched to a 7/0 hook & rind, because the action seemed better. Both this & the prior fish were caught casting, no trolling for me.
Papa Doc strikes again! Jim
My brother just got back from Ontario Canada, he wanted me to pass along to your folks the Yellowbird lures we got from the fund raiser should be” illegal “ They hammered the fish, he caught a 30 lbs lake trout and said it was not fair.
Your lures should be illegal! Scott