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YB_PlanerBoard_head_v1b Celebrating “45” Years as the Originator of the Planer Board! Introducing Yellow Bird’s “Totally Redesigned” Planer Boards! Yellow Bird introduced the first side planer board to the fishing public 45 years ago…we felt it was time to bring our boards into the 21st century and become the leader in our field again!
  • Yellow Bird Planer Board Family shotThe redesigned planer boards are now available in 4 sizes.
  • Mini (model 50) Medium (model 100) Large (model 600) and Extra Large (model 700)
  • Made from durable ABS plastic (recycled)
  • Enclosed Back (models 100/700)
  • Adjustable Weight (models 100/700)
  • New/Better Locking Snap Release (models 100/700)
  • Two adjustable wide pinch pad releases (models 50/600)
  • Heavy duty soft foam cushion back pad (models 50/600)
  • Tattle Flag System Included at No Extra Cost (models 100/600/700)
  • Lowest prices of any Major Brand planer boards
Yellow Bird planer boards allow you to cover areas you couldn’t cover before. They allow you to maintain your line in prime fishing areas without spooking fish. The buoyancy of our boards allows you to carry lures and live bait up to 150 feet or more away from the side of the boat at variable depths. Our boards can handle most types of lures and jigs in various water conditions. They can be used to troll a variety of crank baits, spoons, spinners, etc. Yellow Bird planer boards continue to help fishermen find new ways to catch more fish. For 45 years we’ve seen charter captains, guides, professional fishermen and everyday fishing enthusiasts use this product successfully…now it’s your turn to catch more and bigger fish!