Introducing the new KB-Spoon Holographic Series. They now feature a brilliant and highly reflective 3D image with a jewelry-like nickel finish on the back. In the sun, Holographic’s penetrating shine can draw predatory fish in from up to 50 yards away. They light up to cut through even low visibility conditions. They are available in 10 colors and 4 sizes.

Rediscover the simplicity and effectiveness of these amazing spoons with their distinctive wide wobbling action that drives big game fish wild from long distances. It has the handcrafted quality of yesterday and the vibrant fish catching colors of today.

K-B Spoon is widely known as “The BIG Fish Spoon”. It’s deadly when you’re hunting muskies, big northern and huge lake trout. The smaller K-B’s are killer spoons for bass, walleye, trout and panfish. They’re equally effective for casting or trolling.

K-B Spoon… Truly the Stuff of Legends!

Made in the USA