The Thin Doctor has long been a closely held secret by a relative few but really astute anglers. Now the secrets out! The Thin Doctor is in wide release, and everyone will soon know just how hot a trolling spoon the Thin Doctor really is.

The Thin Doctor is the only DOUBLE ACTION trolling spoon there is. When the hook is attached to the wide end of the spoon you get a tight wobbling action, perfect for medium to fast trolling.

When you put the hook on the narrow end of the spoon you get a wide sweeping action, ideal for slow trolling. The Thin Doctor is made of thin spring tempered brass. This gives it a deadly fluttering action at even the slowest speeds. You can bend it slightly to change the action. We use real gold, real silver, and copper plating and all the painted finishes are over real silver plate.

The Thin Doctor is one of the deadliest trolling lures ever developed! It’s available in three sizes and a wide selection of finishes to catch almost any species of fresh and salt water game fish.