Prescott Spinner was first introduced in 1893. Since then, tens of millions of fish, of almost every species, have been caught on them. Just imagine your great-great-grandfather landing a beautiful trout with one of these fine spinners!

We still make Prescott Spinners with the same design and to the same exacting standards as set by its founder, Charles H. Stapf. After so many years, the original Prescott Spinner is still in the lineup because it really works. Comes with a red 3/0 eagle claw single hook and in a wide variety of finishes. Models include perch trap, single blade or double blade styles.

We’ve reintroduced the Prescott Strip-on Spinner, the deadliest rig ever designed for trolling or drifting with live or dead minnows.

PRESCOTT SPINNER… We invented live bait rigs!

Made in the USA