Weedless Doctor Spoon Banner

Finally, after many years there’s a weedless spoon with the legendary fish catching action of a Doctor Spoon.

  • This spoon employs a wire weed guard that allows you to haul lunker bass, monster northern pike, huge muskies, big smallies, weed oriented walleyes, redfish and snook from the toughest cover imaginable.
  • The Weedless Doc has been extensively tested and retested in both fresh and salt water until we got it right.
  • The Weedless Doc has all the fish catching action of its namesake, the Original Doctor Spoon, with the ability to be fished in the toughest cover.
  • Fish that hide in the salad better watch out.
  • Available in 5 sizes and 11 spectacular jewelry-like catching finishes.
  • When you want more action, use the weedless spoon with the most fish catching ability The Weedless Doc.
  • Often imitated never duplicated.

Made in the USA.