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  • The K-B Amphibian Series features the latest in Imaging Technology and Ultra-Violet finish on the back.
  • These spoons deliver a powerful visual target for predators in low light conditions of early morning, evening, overcast skies or dirty water conditions.
  • This completely unique series was inspired by the alluring colors of frogs from around the world.
  • Rediscover the simplicity and effectiveness of these amazing spoons with their distinctive wide wobbling action that drives big game fish wild from long distances.
  • It has the handcrafted quality of yesterday and the vibrant fish catching color of today.
  • The K-B is wildly known as “The Big Fish Spoon”.
  • It’s deadly when you’re hunting muskies, big northern and huge lake trout.
  • The smaller K-Bs are killer spoons for bass, walleye, trout and panfish.
  • They’re equally effective for casting or trolling.
  • Equipped with high strength stainless steel split rings and jaw grabbing Premium Eagle Claw® laser sharp treble hooks – 3 strong. Curious to try a new slant on an old classic.
  • K-B Amphibian Series ….Truly the Stuff of Legends.
  • They come in 4 sizes and 8 spectacular jewelry-like finishes.
  • Often imitated never duplicated.

Made in the USA.