Yellow Bird Products Review

Review And Tips For Using Yellow Bird’s Fishing Products

This is a long and detailed video, so here’s the breakdown:

0:10 – Introduction/Looking at products at the fair
0:26 – Discussing the new and improved Yellow Bird Planer Boards at the fair
1:06 – Discussing jerk baits / Hard Baits series at the fair
3:40 – Discussing Doctor Spoons at the fair
5:32 – Lures at work under water
5:38 – Planer Board, Doctor Spoon, Crank Bait in action
5:55 – Some live footage out on the water demonstrating the effectiveness of various lures
8:10 – Planer board demonstration
9:38 – Trouts keep coming in on anything from K-B Spoons to Doctor Ice spoons
11:46 – Yellow Bird Large Minnow in action
12:38 – Yellow Bird Large Short Bill Minnow in action
13:25 – Yellow Bird Long Bill Crank Bait in action
14:06 – Yellow Bird Long Bill Minnow Bait in action
14:44 – Yellow Bird Large Short Bill Minnow in action
15:46 – Fishing bass using jerk baits (SP88)
16:34 – Striper on a rip bait (SP115S)
17:52 – Some more fishing with the various SP115S’s
19:46 – Switching to some medium diving crank baits
20:45 – Another Rainbow on a spoon 🙂
21:36 – Wrapping things up with Yellow Bird Fishing Product’s owner Rick Battalini in northern California

Thanks for watching!

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