Review And Tips For Using Yellow Bird’s Fishing Products

Yellow Bird Products Review

This is a long and detailed video, so here’s the breakdown: 0:10 – Introduction/Looking at products at the fair 0:26 – Discussing the new and improved Yellow Bird Planer Boards at the fair 1:06 – Discussing jerk baits / Hard Baits series at the fair 3:40 – Discussing Doctor Spoons at the fair 5:32 – Lures […]

Quick Video Guide for Assembling and Using a Yellow Bird Planer Board

planer board assembly

You received your package with your brand new planer board. You’re itching to get out on the water to try it out, but not sure how to assemble it or use it. Take a look at the videos and instructions below to get you on your way! Assembling a Yellow Bird Planer Board Using a […]

How to Install and Use a Planer Board

How to Install and Use a Planer Board

Planer Boards are one of the most useful, yet underutilized tools in the fishing industry today. The main reason not many fishermen currently use planer boards is simple: they are not widely advertized, and not many people know exactly what they are, or how to use them. At its very basic, a planer board is […]

Kandlefish Lures

Kandlefish Lures are a natural reproduction of the candlefish, a bait fish highly prized by many types of gamefish around the world. These deadly lures imitate the erratic movement of an injured baitfish. And with many sizes and finishes to choose from, you can’t go wrong having one of these, or several, in your tackle […]

Jigging for Chinook Salmon with a 2 oz Kandlefish Jig

Jigging for chinook salmon with a 2 oz Kandlefish jig by Pete Rosko Eric Thomson, vertical drift jigging a 2 oz fluorescent green/white Kandlefish metal jig for chinook salmon, west of Port Angeles, Washington. The Kandlefish is manufactured by Yellow Bird Products in Spring Grove, Illinois.

Basic Rigging Tips for Jigging the Kandlefish

Basic rigging tips for jigging the Kandlefish by Pete Rosko Rigging tips to increase your hooking efficiency with metal jigs, including the Kandlefish. They are a) sharp hook, b) braided line, c) light weight, medium heavy rod with a fast action tip. Also, tips for jigging to suspended fish with spinning and levelwind baitcasting reels. […]