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Fishing with spinnerbaits can be an entertaining pastime, but a lot of people have complained how hard it is to use them. Here are some things that will help make you more successful with spinners. First, simplify everything. You can use a 3/4-ounce spin bait with 17-pound test, and you can cast into thicker cover to lure the fish out. Also, never let your spinner bait move outside of your vision. Jimmy Houston, a world’s leading spinnerbait fisherman, said that he puts his lure in sight 99 percent of the time. That lets you see when the strike will hit.


With a bigger blade, there will be a production of vibration, which can be advantageous in some situations. In other cases, it will work against you. When the current or wind has stirred the water, that will increase your flash and vibration. If you have calmer waters, try using a smaller blade that has less flash. In shallower water, it can be easy to spook the fish when you throw a noisy and big lure in the water. When fishing in water from between 10 to 15 feet, the best option is flashy bait.

Lure Color

With clear water and sunny days, a white lure works best, and for those sunny days with dirty water, a white lure will also work. If you have clear water with an overcast day, then blue might be a great option, and you may want bright colors for those days with overcast. With muddy water, bright colors work regardless of the weather conditions.

Pay Attention to the Weather Conditions

On a day with fewer hours of light, it’s often a good time to pull out the spinners. Sometimes, however, the opposite proves true where bass will be hiding under logs on the sunny days. In these cases, a spinner bait can get them out of hiding. Many fishermen fail to account for the wind. If you are fishing for bass using worms and a sudden breeze picks up, try a spinner bait. In many cases, not only will you catch more fish, you will attract the bigger fish. Good cover has often been considered one of the keys to selecting a great location. With shallow water, spinner baits will swim through the brush, and they will bypass the logs along the way to angle into the deeper water. However, you will want to retrieve your lure slowly when fishing through the deep branches and keep a tight grip on your line.

Under most conditions in the water, a spinner bait can catch the fish, and it provides you with a consistent selection. Over time, you will develop confidence in the lure hat you are using. A lot about succeeding with spinnerbaits comes down to understanding how to use them so that you get the most of them. Using spinners can become a faster way to catch more fish if you know how to make use of them.

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