Best Fish to Catch in the Spring

Best Fishes to Catch in the Spring

When winter moves on and takes the snow and ice with it, it’s time to think about spring fishing. As you gear up for the spring fishing season, knowing the best fish to angle for can help you select the perfect lures and bait and plan your trips around when you’ll have the most luck. 

When Does Spring Fishing Start?

Ask any angler, “When does spring fishing start?” and you’re bound to get a wide range of answers. In most cases, as long as the weather conditions allow you to head out, you can drop a line any time after the first date of fishing season in your state.

Keep in mind that water temperatures can still be fairly low in the early spring, and the water might be murky in places due to the spring runoff. These factors can influence fish behavior and make it more challenging to catch some species.

What to Fish for in the Spring

Fish species vary by region, and not all fish live in every lake, pond, or stream. However, while you gear up for spring fishing, consider going after some of these abundant fish species.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are among the most challenging fish to catch in the spring. Fish for trout in the late day when the sun is high, using a large fly in stream currents for the best results. In the spring, trout stick to cool waters, but as the weather warms up, they head to deep water for cooler temperatures.


Another popular fish, walleye, are often easy to catch in the spring as they leave their fall spawning grounds. Walleye like shallow water where there isn’t much current, and they are among the few fish species that actually respond to colorful bait. Most anglers have good luck catching walleye with red-colored bait.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are fun to catch, as they put up a good fight when caught. They respond to movement and vibration rather than color, so moving a weighted lure along the bottom in shallow waters will produce the best results.

Largemouth Bass

Like the smallmouth bass, largemouth bass are strong fighters, making them a favorite among sport fishers. In the spring, largemouth bass tend to hang out in clear water since they rely on both sight and vibrations for food. Try moving the bait along the lake bottom or against rocks to capture their attention.


Catfish are some of the easiest fish to catch in the spring since they are hungry and not picky about what they eat. They prefer murky water with plenty of hiding places, so they can be tricky to locate. In the spring, try shallow areas closer to shore.

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