Guide to Buying Crankbaits

Different Types Of Fishing Lures To Consider

A lure is a fishing essential that makes it easier for seasoned and amateur anglers to get their first big catch of the day. Lures are an artificial fishing bait that is designed for attracting fish. They have different sizes, colors and shapes and each one of them has a specific purpose and range depending on the species of fish you’re after. Lures are not created equal. The lures that may work with one fish might not work with another so you have to be keen on selecting the fishing lure you’re going to use. Using lures is an alternative to live bait. It enables you to cast further than live bait. If you don’t like the mess that live baits create, lures are perfect for you. They are also easy to release and can help you target specific species.

Different types of fishing lures


Unlike plugs, jigs have a weighted head and a hook,  each, placed on either side. It has a plastic grub or feather skirt. It is considered one of the most preferred types of fishing lures because of its weight. Jigs can sink easily and they are ideal for bottom feeders. You’ll need to cast your jigs out and allow them to sink to the bottom of the water. An indicator that your jig has sunk is when the line goes slack. You’ll need to start jigging when it happens. Slightly lift your rod up until you retrieve the line before lowering it again. You may also experiment with different speeds and movements to find out which works best for you.


Plugs are also known as crankbaits. They are made of hard plastic and intentionally created like the baitfish. The lure is carved out of a hollow or solid piece of plastic that has a thin plastic or metal sheet attached to the front of the lure. The sheet is referred to as a lip. You can adjust it to make your fishing lure wobble. You can find two or three hooks in a plug. This type of lure also has different abilities depending on its design. Some can float or sink while others can dive or hover.

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

These lures are made from rubber and they resemble aquatic critters. You can use them for attracting bass as they can be anything from worms, minnows, lizards, and crawfish. When using soft plastic lures, be sure that you select the right color and size so it naturally blends in with the surroundings. If you are going on a fishing trip on a clear day, be sure to choose brighter plastics. Soft plastic lures need to sink to the bottom and you have to twitch your fishing rod a few times.


The spinnerbait is a little different from other lures because it creates a horizontal movement through the water. It comes in various colors and shapes depending on the species and depth you are trying to target. Spinnerbaits have a skirted hook and metal blades placed on each side. The metal blades act as a propeller. The spinning produces color reflection and vibration which imitates the minnows and other types of bait fish. Spinnerbaits are perfect for species like Pike, Perch, and Bass.


As the name suggests, this type of lure resembles a spoon. Its handles are cut off and it has a concave shape. When you throw it into the water, it will begin to wobble. The wobble becomes wider if the curve is bigger. When spoons wobble, it looks like an injured fish, which game fish is attracted to. There are different ways to cast a spoon. You can either troll or lure it.

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