The Different Types Of Fishing Rods And Their Uses

Fishing rods have evolved over the years, but they have kept their primary function in easing new and seasoned anglers into gaining the best fishing experience. Regardless of your preference, you can be sure that there is a type of fishing rod that will meet your needs.

1. Casting Rods

This type of fishing rod is ideal for anglers who want to bait accurately. The rod comes in two categories: spin casting rod and bait casting rod. As for the modern rods, they are sold as casting rods consist of eye at the top. The bait casting rod has eyes that are closed to the reel. The spin casting rod, on the other hand, has one small eye and a larger one near the reel.

2. Spinning rods

The spinning rod has similar characteristics with casting rod, only they are shorter and lighter. When casting, the large eye helps reduce friction on the casting line. The size of the spinning rods also varies. It ranges from 4 to 9 feet. On each rod, around 5 to 9 eyes are mounted. You can tell the difference between casting and spinning rod by their purpose. Casting rods are mounted on the top of the rod when used while spinning rods are suspended underneath. The latter is also widely used by most anglers including beginners.

3. Fly Rods

Fly rods have a variety of shapes and sizes and they are intended for fly fishing as what the name suggests. The best thing about fly rods is that they are flexible. They allow various techniques without anglers encountering difficulties during the entire fishing experience. As they vary in sizes, anglers can pull even the smallest trout fish in small streams or ponds. Compared to other types of fishing rods, fly rods do not have a butt piece for angling to be simpler. One advantage that you will gain from using fly rods is the ability to become guided when casting a weighty fly line as it features a specialized eye. As with the recent fly line, you can gain optimum strength with its carbon fiber.

4. Ice Fishing Rod

These rods when compared to other fishing rods are shorter and specially designed for ice fishing. It resembles the spinning rod and measures 25 to 37 inches. It also has fewer eyes than the traditional spinning rod. Instead of reels, the ice fishing rod has two opposing hooks which are attached on the rod so anglers can wind the line with one hand.

5. Sea Fishing Rod

The sea fishing rod has many varieties to cater to different needs of anglers. It comes in short and long varieties. The short sea fishing rod is ideal for boat fishing while the long rod is for ship fishing. The lines have large eyes and huge tip to capture fish easily. There are also colossal sea rods that are meant for catching larger fish like the shark and game fish.

Whether you are an amateur or professional angler, there is a type of fishing rod designed to give you a better fishing experience.

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