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What Are The Characteristics Of Fishing Rods?

Buying a fishing rod can be difficult if you do not know what you should look for. This why it is important that you familiarize yourself with different types of fishing rods so you can determine which ones are right for you. You should start by knowing each type’s characteristics. If you want to know about the ability of the fishing rod, you need to focus on action. You can identify the action by putting pressure on the top of the rod. The action is affected by two things: the construction method and the construction material. An action can have different speeds: slow, medium, fast or even a combination of these speeds.

You will be able to check the action of your rod by flexing it against the ground. Be sure that the guides face upwards if you are not using a pole. You have to touch the end of the rod placed on the ground and put some pressure. With this method, you will be able to find out the action of your fishing rod without breaking it.

Extra-Fast Blank Rod

The stand-out features of this fishing rod are its quick response and sensitivity. The blank’s natural power comes into play in terms of fighting the fish. Since it is stiffer compared to soft or slow blank, you will be able to create more powerful vibration with your hands. A single hook application is suitable for Extra-Fast blank so you will be able to determine even the smallest baits. Extra-Fast blanks work best when techniques and presentations like Carolina rigged worms, Texas rigged and jig presentations are used.

Moderate to Slow with Slow Action

If you want to catch small fish, these fishing rods are the way to go because they allow you to have a better fight. It contains a shock absorber to ensure that the hook will not be ripped.

Moderate to Slow with Medium Action

You can use this for multi-hook lures like topwater lures and crankbaits. It is also suitable for reaction baits like rattle baits, spinnerbaits, and jerk baits. It will yield a better result by using a soft tip action. You can also cast it over long distances without any problem. These presentations and lure also need less sensitivity and ensure that you keep the fish hooked with ease.

Fast Action Rod

When compared to a slow-action Fishing Rod, the fast action rod is more sensitive. You will also have to fill the vibration of the lure to identify if the lure has already reached the bottom. You can have longer casts if you are going to apply more force when throwing the rod into the water.

Medium and medium-fast rods

Although its casting distance is a little shorter, its hook setting power is still adequate. You can use these actions if you have applications which use treble hooks like topwater lures or crankbaits. It is also ideal for other reaction baits like spinnerbaits.

Knowing the type of fishing rod that works for you will ensure a great fishing experience. Explore more fishing rods here.

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