Is Rain Good or Bad for Fishing?

Is Rain Good or Bad for Fishing?

While planning your fishing trip and checking the weather, you see rain in the forecast. However, before you cancel your fun, you might ask yourself, “Is rain good for fishing?” Maybe rain fishing can help you reel in more fish, but is it really worth it?

Here’s what you can expect from rainy-day fishing and how it can help or hinder your angling aspirations.

Is Fishing in Rain Good or Bad?

You can benefit quite a bit from fishing in the rain, but that depends on the kind of fish and what tools you have. Otherwise, fishing during a light storm won’t benefit you much.

However, you can still use the rain to your advantage by planning your fishing outing before the rain hits. The ecosystem can shift in your favor to increase your catch rate when you’d usually come home empty-handed.

Plan to Fish Before the Rain

When the air temperatures drop, and the sun isn’t glaring on the water, plankton and other tiny organisms rise. Because these creatures need sunlight to survive, they’re reaching toward the surface to catch the now weaker rays. As the atmospheric barometric pressure lowers, fish become more active.

With more food available, small fish like minnows and alewives come out to eat. Of course, their presence also attracts larger fish to come out and eat. You can expect more activity from hunters like catfish, bass breeds, and walleyes.

Now on the prowl for pre-storm food, fish will be more likely to attack anything that moves, including your lures. Topwater baits that cause noise and displace water, like buzz baits or poppers, create enough activity to attract their hunger.

You May Have Luck Fishing During the Rain

You’ll have less visibility during the rain than when it was simply overcast. Additionally, you’ll need to compete with the rain noise for the fish’s attention. In these cases, the answer to “is rain good for fishing?” leans toward “no.”

You can still lean the rain in your favor by being out during the warmer months. Rain cools the air and increases the water levels, attracting more fish activity. You may want to use spinners or top skimmers that you can see easily in inclement weather.

Regardless of rain conditions, never stay out on the boat if you hear thunder or see lightning. Pack up and try again later.

Skip Fishing After Rain

After the rain, the water temperature cools and the barometric pressure increases, making fish sluggish and cautious. After the feeding frenzy, the fish slink back to where they’re hiding. You’re less likely to catch anything after a small rainstorm than before or during one.

Shop for Your Fishing Equipment

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