Your Helpful Guide to Football Jigs

Your Helpful Guide to Football Jigs

Anglers who want to catch big bass have their choice of fish baits to get the job done. However, football jigs are versatile enough to work on multiple fish, big and small, including largemouth and spotted bass. 

If you’re new to fishing, you might wonder what a football jig is and how it can benefit your fishing adventures. The guide below will tell you everything you need to know about this impressive lure.

What Is a Football Jig?

Football jigs get their name from their shape – their heads resemble footballs. Unlike round or bullet-shaped jigs, this variety is unlikely to get caught up in underwater structures. If your football jig gets hung up, you can wiggle your fishing line or reverse its direction to free it.

Using football jigs when fishing for large fish on the bottom of a water body is ideal because other varieties tend to flop on their sides when they sink to the ground. That motion puts the fishing hook on its side, making it easy to snag on materials sticking up from the bottom of the water. However, football jigs don’t flop, so their hooks remain upright.

Where Do You Use Football Jigs When Fishing?

One downside to football jigs is that you can’t use them in water sources with lots of grass or thick vegetation. Instead, they are more suitable for catching big fish in deep water with hard bottom structures, like gravel or rock. You can also use these lures in shallow water at any time of the year.

The best places to use your football jigs include:

  • Ledges
  • Rocky Slopes
  • Edges

What Is the Difference Between a Swim Jig and Football Jig?

The difference between swim jigs and football jigs is where you’d use them. For instance, football jigs are best for luring bass by dragging on the bottoms around places you’d typically find them, like wing dams, shoals, and around rocks.

However, swim jigs are more suitable for shallow waters no deeper than eight feet. You can also use them around grass, pads, wood, and other types of cover.

How To Fish Using Football Jigs

Anglers can use football jigs in several ways to catch bass, including the following tactics:

  • Dragging: The best way to use the lure is by keeping your fishing rod tip high to drag the football jig across the bottom of the water. This will mimic crawfish shuffling across a rocky surface.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a relatively new technique that keeps the jig mobile near the water’s surface in shallow vegetation.
  • Hopping: Hopping combines dragging with a few pulls on the rod to bounce the jig a few inches, like a crawfish.

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