Best Bass Lures

A Guide to the Best Bass Lures

Everybody has different opinions in bass fishing. Like what type of lures to use or the best time of day for the best fishing. But opinions don’t mean everything. The truth is that it takes some time and experience on the water to become familiar with the lures that work best for you.

It can be just as fun picking out new lures as it is catching bass with them and there are plenty of places to start. Here we’ve compiled a brief list of the best bass lures available that ultimately catch big fish.


Spinnerbaits are awesome because they can cover a lot of water while still attracting the fish.

Many beginners find these lures odd and unnatural, not realizing how effective they really can be. A spinnerbait in action will catch the eye of the bass and hook them accordingly. Choose the shiniest and most colorful for a sure catch.


Another versatile lure, crankbaits make great lures for their ability to cover a lot of water and their assorted sizes, shapes, weights and running depths.

Choosing a crankbait lure can be a little tricky based on specifications and the depth of water you plan to fish because most of crankbait fishing is casting and reeling in a straight retrieve.

Plastic Worms

There are plenty of designs to choose from in a line of plastic worm lures and they are highly regarded for their versatility and attractiveness to bass. Plastic worms are incredibly lifelike and feel natural to the fish as they’re being consumed.

Rigging for plastic worms is commonly known as the Texas rig, but there is also the Wacky rig, the Carolina rig, and the Drop Shot rig. A good Texas rig is completely weedless making it easier to fish in thick cover.

When fishing with plastic worms, keep it slow to allow the worm time to skim the surface and sink to the bottom in eyesight of your trophy.


Lots of anglers prefer jigs because they are highly effective all year long. They also require a higher skilled angler in comparison to other lures because they are not as easy to fish with. Jigs are well known however to be the best bass lures for catching the biggest fish.

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are like natural, dying prey to a bass passing by underneath the surface of the water. This makes them fun to use because the fish will actually jump out of the water to retrieve their prey, which is actually your bait, making for a nice catch!

Some anglers stay away from topwater lures because the fish tend to miss their strike, but an experienced fisherman knows you don’t want to retrieve this lure too fast and when you do get a bite, don’t sink the hook right away, giving the bass a moment to get a bite.

Make Your Choice of Best Bass Lures

Maybe you’re a novice, maybe you’re a pro. No matter your bass fishing experience, there’s a lure for you.

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