What To Bring on a Charter Fishing Trip: 5 Essentials

What To Bring on a Charter Fishing Trip

Do you have a fishing trip coming up? Packing the right items for your vacation will mean the difference between a relaxing weekend and an uncomfortable outing. Whether new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, read on to learn which essential items you should bring on your next trip.

1. Clothes

It may seem obvious, but packing the right quality and quantity of clothing is crucial for your fishing trip. Even if you are traveling to a warmer region, temperatures can drop well below your comfort level at sundown. Pack several pairs of socks, boots, and underwear just in case you get wet during your outing.

Also, consider sun-protective gear like SPF-rated shirts and hats for those sunny days.

2. Weather Gear

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control the weather during your fishing trip. Flash storms, high winds, and freezing temperatures will undoubtedly disrupt your vacation if you come unprepared.

Knowing what to bring on a charter fishing trip can help you avoid getting too wet while on the water.

If you plan on camping before or after fishing, ensure that your tent, storage containers, and clothing have weather-resistant treatments or rain gear accessories to avoid property damage.

3. Medicine

Fishing injuries are more common than you might think. Depending on where you travel, medical help could be quite a distance away from your location if you need it.

Consider packing a first aid kit and disinfecting wipes to remove fish slime from your hands. Your body may not be used to the elements when you are out on the water. Lip balm will also come in handy if you worry about chapped lips.

Some charter fishing captains keep basic first aid, like bandages and gauze, onboard for emergencies.

4. Storage

Nothing feels worse than catching your dream fish and realizing you don’t have anywhere to store it. Ensure you bring coolers, tackle boxes, and other storage containers for an extended trip. Also, secure your fishing license and additional identifying information in these containers if you need to show them to a game warden.

Check the quality of these items before purchasing them in stores. Some may not withstand conventional weathering.

5. Food and Water

Bring enough clean water to last the entire trip. Consider investing in a large bottle or canteen to store your essential liquids on the go.

It may also be worth bringing protein bars and other snacks. If your charter fishing trip is in a rural area, avoid storing food that will spoil quickly or attract predators while you are waterside.

Remember that some fishing charters have restrictions about bringing food and drink on vessels.

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