What Should You Wear When Going Fishing?

What Should You Wear When Going Fishing?

Fishing is a fun-filled activity that many people enjoy. Dressing appropriately ensures that you’d have the best time out there. With adverse weather, protecting clothes is always necessary. There will be windy days and those that are extremely cold or hot. Your fishing experience all depends on your surrounding temperature. Whether you fish at a fish pond, a nearby lake, or a river, you need to have the right fishing tools and wear clothes that make the activity enjoyable. This way, the only thing you have to worry about is whether you will have a good catch or not. So, what should you wear when going fishing? Here is a complete guide.

When Fishing in Warm Weather

Warm temperatures allow anglers to enjoy feeling the sun on their skin while they do what they love. Some tips for fishing in warm weather include:

• Stay hydrated and use proper shade
• Use natural bait
• Fish where there is a current
• Try shoreline fishing
• Dress appropriately (more on that below)

Shirts and Shorts

A well-fitting lightweight shirt is perfect. It should dry fast and be comfortable to wear. Since the weather is warm (like in summer or spring), the shirt is all you will have on your upper body for the better part of the day. To keep your forearms protected, choose a long-sleeved shirt. They not only protect your skin from elements but UV rays and bugs as well.

On the bottom, you could wear shorts or lightweight pants. The fabric should dry easily and provide a comfortable fitting. This is not to say that you should wear beach shorts. These do not provide adequate protection, nor do they provide maximum comfort. This may cut your fishing experience short.


The most important thing to look at when choosing the shoe to wear when going fishing is the sole. You will be moving around in wet and slippery areas. Get a shoe with a sturdy sole that grips the ground properly. You do not want to lose your footing while out there, right?

When fishing in summer, you can opt for closed fishing shoes or fishing sandals. The sandals are fitted with a sturdy sole, while the open-top keeps your feet cool and free. They are ideal for fishing in clear and safe waters. There are various designs of fishing sandals to choose from, so the fashion-sensitive angler can find a perfect match. On the other hand, closed shoes provide more protection. Opt for shoes that are waterproof and breathable. If you decide to go for a closed-option, then polyester socks are highly recommended to accompany your footwear.

If you will be going into the water, get waders and wader boots. You may choose waders that cover up to the chest or waist, depending on how deep the waters you will be fishing in are. If your waders do not come with wader boots, buy a pair with a sturdy rubber sole.


To get optimal protection from the sun, accessorizing your look is essential. To keep UV rays at a minimum, definitely accompany yourself with a hat on your fishing venture. You may opt for a baseball cap or any hat with a wide brim, but always make sure it’s lightweight.

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for fishing. You look good in them, and they protect you from the glare of the water surface. This means that you see fish better where you can either sight-cast or lure your catch into more optimal conditions.

Sunscreen may not be a type of clothing, but it is essential to wear some when fishing in summer. Apply sunscreen on all exposed body parts and reapply every couple of hours.

When Fishing in Cold Weather

Whether you are fishing in fall or winter, you need to stay warm. Here is what you can wear to ensure this.

Layered Clothing

You need to layer up to ensure that you are warm enough. The number of layers to add will depend on how cold it is. It is prudent to carry an extra layer of clothes that can be added if necessary or you can change into if you become wet.

The base layer should be warm and breathable. Fleece is a good fabric to use and so is polyester. Avoid cotton shirts and pants as these take a very long time to dry. The midlayer should keep warmth in. Sweatshirts, pants, and hoodies will do. The outer layer needs to be waterproof and warm. A waterproof jacket is ideal for the top, while waterproof pants will protect the legs.

Still, need more information about layering for winter fishing? Watch this video.


Your shoes need to provide a good grip as you walk and stand for long periods. Opt for boots that have rubber soles because they offer good insulation. Beneath these, wear woolen thermal socks, layering as necessary. Ensure that the shoes you choose fit well and are water-proof.

If you will be getting into the cold water, invest in warm fishing waders.


While it may not seem like it, your hands are always your primary concern while fishing. From holding rods to keeping them warm, they manage all your equipment. Fishing gloves are highly optimized for a colder fishing experience as they provide superb insulation and significantly allow you to handle your catch with ease.

Warm hats and scarves will keep your head and neck warm. Choose a hat covering the ears to protect them from the cold temperatures and wind. If the hat is not waterproof, use the one on your winter jacket to cover it.

Bottom Line

While the best fishing lure will help you get a good catch, dressing appropriately will determine how great you feel while doing it. Whether it is warm or cold outside, there is no excuse for not going out to do what you enjoy. Dress appropriately, grab your fishing gear and head out for an adventurous fishing trip. Remember to look through the Yellow Bird Products catalog for all your fishing gear needs.

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