Types of Boats Used for Fishing

Types of Boats Used for Fishing

Fishing from the shore has its benefits, but serious anglers looking to expand their reach start by searching for “fishing boats near me.” Whether seeking out a preowned or new model for your next fishing excursion, you’ll quickly discover a variety of fishing boats. Let’s explore some of the most popular fishing boats for use on lakes, rivers, and oceans.

1. Kayaks

Small and lightweight, kayaks come in wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. These narrow boats allow one or two passengers to hit the water for a day of inshore fishing.

2. Canoes

Another narrow and lightweight boat made with similar materials to kayaks, a canoe provides more space for carrying fishing equipment.

3. Jon Boats

Most jon boats have a body consisting of aluminum with a flat bottom and rectangular shape. Like canoes and kayaks, jon boats often require manual motion via paddles, though some come outfitted with low-horsepower motors.

4. Bay Boats

Bay boats sport a fiberglass body with a V-hull that allows the boat to glide safely through shallow waters. These boats have a center console, often with seating for at least four passengers, and use a motor for transport.

5. Walkaround Boats

Walkaround boats are usually fiberglass or aluminum and have a center console with plenty of room for passengers to walk around, as their name implies. Walkaround boats work well for both nearshore and offshore fishing.

6. Cuddy Cabin Boats

Cuddy cabins have a deeper hull that contains a cabin instead of an open bow, often with a sitting area or table. These boats work well for nearly all types of fishing and can run with inboard or outboard motors.

7. Dual Console Boats

One popular result when searching for “fishing boats near me” is the dual console boat. These boats usually have a fiberglass hull with two built-in consoles on either side, leaving space between them so passengers can pass through the windshield to the open bow.

8. Center Console Boats

Available in many sizes, center console boats consist of a fiberglass hull with the driver’s console in the center. Most center consoles provide easy visibility around the entire boat, sometimes with bow and rear bench seats to maximize the number of passengers.

9. Power Catamaran Boats

Catamarans have twin deep-V hull sponsons connected to the underside of a wide deck, providing a softer ride and better stability on open waters. These fiberglass boats may include a center console, cockpit, and, sometimes, a cabin.

10. Convertible Sportfishing Boats

Convertible fishing boats provide a safe, stable ocean fishing experience. They typically run on inboard diesel engines for maximum power.

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