Tips for Picking the Gear: Spoon Fishing for Walleye

Tips for Picking the Gear: Spoon Fishing for Walleye

Learn About Choosing Walleye Spoons

In this article, you’ll discover the best lure to capture walleye that are so massive you’ll need to use both of your arms to hold it. We’ve compiled expert tips for finding spoons, including concepts you’ll need to choose the right one. You might think you know enough already, but we’re here to help you fill in any uncertainty.

We’ve been testing out all sorts of spoons on the market. Since our spoon lures are some of the originals and very effective on walleye, we’re an authoritative judge of these lures. Among several other tips, we put together a comprehensive list of what characteristics to look for in a good walleye spoon lure. Get ready to be stunned with these tips for picking the gear you need to hook a massive fish.

Brush up on Fishing With Spoons Before the Next Trip

You already have your license and boat permit for the season, but you haven’t decided which lure will turbocharge your fishing trip. If you’re out on the water alone, you don’t want to come back empty-handed because your buddies might tease you. If you’re lucky enough to take someone out with you, it’s essential that they have a good time on the trip. Either way, you need to know what to look for before fishing for walleye.

According to American Expedition, the largest walleye ever caught was a massive 25-pound fish. The lucky angler caught hold of this gigantic trophy fish in Tennessee. That impressive record was set back in 1960. It hasn’t been broken in 60 years! Are you bold enough to catch a record-breaking walleye?

Tips for Picking the Right Spoon to Fish for Walleye

Here are some tips to help you select the perfect lure for your next expedition. Our pro staff and customers have been fishing in one of the biggest walleye areas: the Great Lakes region.

  • What Will Attract the Walleye:A good walleye spoon needs to look like something the fish will want to eat, but it also needs to move right. Walleye have a thick film that covers their eyes; it helps these fish see better in the murkiest parts of the water. If you want to hook a big walleye, you need to find a lure that’s weighted right because it needs to sink at a slow pace.It needs to reflect light under the water, and it needs to have something tantalizing about its action in order to hook a big fish.
  • Don’t Forget About Hook Quality:According to a manager at one of the largest fishing supply retailers, the perfect lure to attract massive walleye fish needs to be equipped with a mechanism to trigger the fish’s inner predatory instincts. If you pick a spoon that moves and looks good, you need to ensure that the hook quality is top-notch.
  • Color Is Important:Although some anglers will claim that color doesn’t matter, there are plenty of us that are picky about the colors we choose for targeting specific fish. Some experts recommend using gold spoons to catch a massive walleye. Other colors that the pros recommend are silver, copper, and orange. The orange color is especially useful if the water looks murky.

What Types of Spoons Do We Recommend?

If you’re looking to find the right spoon for your next fishing trip, you’ve come to the perfect place. In our inventory, we carry several options that will accommodate any of your walleye fishing needs.

As we noted in a recent article on our blog, the spoon that you choose should have a wobble to it because you want it to signal to the walleye that the lure is an injured fish. The type of spoon that you need for your trip will depend upon how you are using the lure.

Are you going to troll with it, or are you casting out the lure? The spoon gets its name because of its shape. Larger curves in the spoon will create more of a wobble. If you are using it to troll, you should make sure to use a lure that provides a lot of side to side movement to attract more massive fish.

Pass Along These Tips

It’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Consider the purpose of the lure that you’re selecting. You might need more than one type of spoon. In case you have a friend with a fishing boat, you want to be prepared. It’s a nice gesture to lend a lure to your buddy to give it a try. At Yellow Bird, we’ve got you covered.

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