5 Lake Fishing Tips for Beginners

5 Lake Fishing Tips for Beginners

Have you, or one of your friends just gotten into lake fishing? You may feel ready to hit the lakes and go for your first fishing trip, but have you been filled in on all the top tips and tricks to make it all more productive? If not, read on for our five best lake […]

Square-Billed Crankbaits: Tips for Fishing in Florida

Square-Billed Crankbaits - Tips for Fishing in Florida

Bass will gobble down and go crazy over a well-chosen crankbait. Why do they invoke such an aggressive response from bass? Crankbaits cover a lot of ground as they vibrate in the watery depths. Dave Boyd, a crankbait expert from Tallahassee, Florida, has more than 20 years of experience fishing on Lake Talquin. Dave says […]

5 Lakes To Fish This Fall

5 Lakes To Fish this Fall

Fall is the perfect time to go fishing. The cooler temperatures mean that most fish are more actively feeding now making them easier to catch. It also makes fishing on most lakes in the United States a more enjoyable experience because you will not be sweating to death. The beautiful fall colors make for an […]