5 Lakes To Fish this Fall

5 Lakes To Fish This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to go fishing. The cooler temperatures mean that most fish are more actively feeding now making them easier to catch. It also makes fishing on most lakes in the United States a more enjoyable experience because you will not be sweating to death. The beautiful fall colors make for an extremely scenic fishing trip even if you fail to catch a single fish. Here are five top lakes that you should fish this fall.

Falcon Lake has received many rains over the spring and summer meaning that fishing conditions for largemouth bass on this lake should be near perfect. Many anglers are using spinner baits and crank baits to catch their daily limit. Bass weighing 15.63 pounds have been caught here. Additionally, many anglers are going to be catching their limits of catfish this fall using stink baits. Flathead catfish weighing 29.90 pounds and blue catfish weighing 49.00 pounds have been caught on this lake.

Nowhere is fall more beautiful than in the Appalachian Mountains, making Cave Run Lake and the surrounding rivers the perfect place for a fall fishing trip. Muskies weighing over 35 pounds are routinely taken from this lake with the current record being 47 pounds. Catching a fish that size takes some great lures including heavyweight tandem spinners and swimbaits.

It is still not too late to catch some great walleye, and they will sure taste great when there is snow on the ground. One of the best walleye fishing lakes in North America is Bear Lake on the northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. This lake is turning in the fall meaning that walleyes are particularly active. Anglers should consider using spinner baits, shads or jerks when fishing this lake. Other active fish right now include largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, crappie, and catfish.

Located high in the Cascade Mountains of central Oregon, anglers love Diamond Lake for its rainbow trout. It is not unusual for catch and release anglers to catch 100 trout a day on cooler fall days. Making fall fishing on this lake even better, the mosquitoes that can cause many problems earlier in the year are gone. For best results try fishing the south end of the lake using a maximum weight four-pound line, a sliding sinker and a small barrel swivel. Anglers are also having luck catching crappie, smallmouth bass and the entire catfish family in this lake.

Sturgeon fishing in the fall is outstanding at Yellow Lake and its inlets. Other fish caught routinely in this lake that has a depth of about 19 feet include musky, walleye, panfish, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass and catfish. The lake has yielded sturgeon near Wisconsin’s 212-pound record catch. When sturgeon fishing try using sandshrimp or squid replica lures. Dr Spoons are a great bid for Northern Pike.

Fall is the perfect time of year to unwind with a fishing trip. Fish are extremely active this time of year. If you cannot get to one of these top fishing lakes, then make sure to visit a local fishing hole near you.

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