October Fishing Tournaments Make Great Weekend Getaways

October Fishing Tournaments Make Great Weekend Getaways

October Fishing Tournaments Make Great Weekend Getaways
by Experience Kissimmee

October is a great time to plan a weekend getaway and for anglers there are plenty of opportunities. Tournament fishing not only makes an awesome excuse to get away for a few days, but is also an outstanding opportunity for those who already live in the area. Thankfully, there are several October fishing tournaments.

The Sarasota, Florida, Christian School hosts a fishing tournament on October 16 and 17. Anglers should find great conditions for catching redfish, trout and snook at this catch and release tournament. Anglers are likely to find very little wind and clear water conditions, so when traveling to this tournament make sure to bring along with soft baits and couple them with spinner baits.

Meanwhile, in Collier County, Florida, anglers can compete in the T-Rex 1 Fish 2 Fish Tournament on October 17, 2015. The occupants of each boat will present 1 Snook and 2 Redfish to be weighed at the Goodland Park Boat Ramp with a guaranteed payout of $10,000.

Just a little to the north, anglers can participate in the 30th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament. Host for this fun tournament that will occur on October 17 and 18 will be Fessenden Center. Participants will want to bring a variety of lures including lead-headed jigs, metal jigs and poppers. If the weather is clear on that day, then participants may want to try bright colored soft lures, while if the weather turns cloudy, they may want to try darker colored lures.

Proving that it is never too cold to fish, the Inland Empire Bass Club will host a tournament on Banks Lake on October 24 and 25. While this will be a smallmouth bass tournament, anglers can also expect to catch walleye and lake whitefish. panfish, rainbow trout, and kokanee.

The Virginia Bass Chapter Federation will host their last tournament of the year on October 24 and 25. This tournament will occur on Chickahominy River at the Route 5 Landing. Anglers participating in this tournament will need to complete a Virginia Safe Boating Course that will be offered on the morning of October 24. After the recent rains, the fishing conditions should be perfect here after the recent drought has lowered catch rates so look for this to be one of the most exciting tournaments in a long time. During high tide, anglers will want to concentrate on the weed lines, creeks, and docks, while during low tide, anglers will want to concentrate on deeper water.

If you want to participate in an event that will not only give you great fishing opportunities, but will also let you feel good about helping soldiers, then check out Fishing for Freedom 2015 on October 23 and 24. This event will team each angler with a soldier that may not have the opportunity to fish otherwise. The winner of this event will receive a New Triton 2016 TRX189 boat. Except for pork strips and rinds, anglers are not allowed to use any live bait during this event, so make sure to bring along plenty of lures.

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