7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Fishing With Spoons

Fishing With Spoons How to Cast and How to Troll

When it comes to fishing with spoons, we’re not talking silverware! Spoons are a term for a fishing lure that helps you to bait and catch some fish. The right strategies can help you to catch and reel in more fish. However, let’s look at some tips for getting the fish to bite while you […]

Fishing for Bass and Pike in the Fall

Bass fishing in fall

Autumn is my favorite time to fish, because I prefer to catch pike and bass, which also happen to be two species that are great for fall fishing. My dream is to fish for pike in Scandinavian waters (where pike are much larger than in the United States,) and angle for bass in Ireland. But […]

What I Learned Fishing With Big Dave

Big Dave is my brother, and I love to go northern pike fishing with him because it is good company, and Big Dave knows all of the best lakes to go fishing. I could never catch much for northern pike when I went on my own. After 21 years of fishing with Big Dave, I […]