Fishing With Spoons How to Cast and How to Troll

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Fishing With Spoons

When it comes to fishing with spoons, we’re not talking silverware! Spoons are a term for a fishing lure that helps you to bait and catch some fish. The right strategies can help you to catch and reel in more fish. However, let’s look at some tips for getting the fish to bite while you are casting and trolling?

Here are some tips for casting and trolling:


Tip #1 Don’t Stop The Boat Right Away:

If you are trolling, then it is important to always keep the tension on the line. Many people will stop the boat right once they get a hit. This is bad fishing because it lets the line go limp, and this gives the fish an opportunity to escape. When fishing with someone who stops the boat while trolling, simply get up and move forward to help keep tension on the line. You want to see the pole bending a little. There you have it. You shouldn’t stop the boat right away, and most importantly, you shouldn’t rock the boat.

Tip #2 Keep The Lures Closer To The Boat:

One of the advantages of keeping your lures closer to the boat is that you can crank them in much faster. The trick is to finding the perfect length for putting the lure at. You do not want it too far back because this is going to give you a much more difficult time with reeling them in.

Tip #3 Speed The Boat Up When Calm:

Whenever a lake or ocean is calm, it is helpful to speed up the boat a little. The reason is because this will help to bring in more fish.

Tip #4 Try A Different Lure:

A fish’s taste changes as quickly as the hours. What might have worked the day before might not work today. It is important for any skilled fisherman to have a wide array of different spoon options. The more options they have the better off they will be. Fish might be attracted to a certain color one day and hate it the next. Also, if the sun is out and you are casting, try out a silver lure. Fish are attracted to shiny objects, so they might come running at the gleam of your tasty bait.

Tip #5 Accuracy Is Vital:

When it comes to casting, accuracy is one of the most vital things. The more accurate that you can cast, the more chances you have of reeling in a big one. If you decide to cast off into the weeds, then choose one of the spoons that can keep itself clean of weeds. The fun thing about cast fishing is that you never know which cast is going to get you a huge bite.

Tip #6 Timing Is Essential With Casting:

If you plan on doing cast fishing, then you should understand that timing is essential for the perfect cast. If you cast too soon the spoon will end up in the boat, and if you cast too late, the lure will strike the water. Timing is something that takes practice for every fisherman, but it is something that is well worth learning.

Tip #7 Consider Both Depth And Speed:

If the fish do not seem to be biting at a certain depth or speed, then try out another speed and depth. Finding that perfect method for trolling can take time.

These are all things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to casting and trolling. People who want success with fishing should take the time to learn what it takes to fish effectively. You might not be good at first, but with a little practice, you can learn how to fish effectively.

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