Crankbaits For Fishing: Types, Techniques, Features

For bass anglers, crankbait fishing is a popular technique as it is capable of covering water and depths quickly. Crankbaits come in various widths, shapes, and features. Some of the common types include deep-diving, shallow and medium. Each type has its own characteristic. For instance, a crankbait consist of square bills is ideal for running […]

Square-Billed Crankbaits: Tips for Fishing in Florida

Square-Billed Crankbaits - Tips for Fishing in Florida

Bass will gobble down and go crazy over a well-chosen crankbait. Why do they invoke such an aggressive response from bass? Crankbaits cover a lot of ground as they vibrate in the watery depths. Dave Boyd, a crankbait expert from Tallahassee, Florida, has more than 20 years of experience fishing on Lake Talquin. Dave says […]

A Guide to Buying Crankbaits

Guide to Buying Crankbaits

It is truly amazing how realistic crankbait looks compared to live bait. The iridescent colors of these lures flash as the sunlight glints through the water. This is what catches the fish’s attention. Lucky for you, the fish won’t be able to resist the flashy bait. And if you pick the right color, size and […]