Guide to Buying Crankbaits

A Guide to Buying Crankbaits

CrankbaitsIt is truly amazing how realistic crankbait looks compared to live bait. The iridescent colors of these lures flash as the sunlight glints through the water. This is what catches the fish’s attention. Lucky for you, the fish won’t be able to resist the flashy bait. And if you pick the right color, size and type, they will bite and you will increase your chances of reeling in the catch of the day. It is just that simple.

There is one big problem when buying crankbaits – deciding which ones to buy. There are few lures as abundant in color, shape and size as Crankbaits. It is important to know what type of fish you want to catch in order to know what type of crankbait to purchase. This can be confusing at first. However, this is also one of the reasons crankbaits works so well.

Different fish need different types of bait.

Crankbait Buyers GuideSome examples how to match crankbait with varieties of fish are as follows: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass like Crankbait that are about two to five inches long, Walleye prefer three to six inches for their Crankbait, Northern Pike like a four to nine inch Crankbait, a Musky will go for anything from four to twelve inches, and Crappie likes their crankbait smaller at about one to three inches long.

Along with the right size, you also need to select the proper color of Crankbait. Purchasing the right color is determined by knowing the type of water you are fishing in. The typical rule of thumb is to use a natural color, such as our Trusty Rusty or Blue Steel, when you are fishing in clear water. On the other hand, when fishing in dirty or murky water the brighter the Crankbait the better. You stand a better chance the fish will see the crankbait when it is colorful. Try Lemon Drop, Graphite Warrior or Hot Lava from our collection

Another consideration for dirty water is to select a Crankbait that can emit sounds. These Crankbaits have air pockets that contain little metal balls. The metal balls make a rattling noise as the Crank Bait glides through the water. Fish are attracted to this sound and are easier to catch as a result.

Another way to access whether the crankbaits you are considering will work, is to see whether they have been tested by professional anglers. The only way to know they will work in the real world is to have them tested. Who better to test lures than people who use it for their livelihood? They not only test the crankbait, but also offer suggestions on how to make improvements, making the finished result the best it can be. Their input is invaluable when it comes to creating the perfect lure. It has to be tried and true in order to sell to fishermen.

What is a Crankbait?

Quality Crankbaits are generally made of wood or plastic. They are hand painted. This allows for the intricacies that are needed to make them look like the real thing. Precision is important when it comes to creating quality products fishermen have come to rely on.

Crankbaits have anywhere from one to three hooks that dangle from their undersides of the lure. Most Crankbaits also has a lip. The lip helps the bait to dive under the water. This helps them to be in the target range of bigger fish. This type of crankbait works well because they are easy to cast or troll. They wobble from side to side, or wiggle in order to catch the fish’s attention.

A variety of Crankbaits are definitely something all fishermen will want to carry with them. They are versatile in any type of water. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This gives a fisherman options for catching different types of fish, are easy to use and fun to look at!

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