Crankbaits For Fishing: Types, Techniques, Features

For bass anglers, crankbait fishing is a popular technique as it is capable of covering water and depths quickly. Crankbaits come in various widths, shapes, and features. Some of the common types include deep-diving, shallow and medium. Each type has its own characteristic. For instance, a crankbait consist of square bills is ideal for running in shallow waters which measure 1 to 4 feet deep. A crankbait with the 1-inch bill can be used in water which is 10 feet deep. The longer the bills the deeper the crankbait can reach.

When determining the crankbait you should purchase, you should consider the time of year as your determining factor. Most crankbaits can catch some bass regardless of the season, but there are plugs that are only ideal for a specific season.

Basic types of crankbaits

Shallow Running Crankbaits

A square bill crankbait is ideal for fall or early spring. These are the seasons when water is still cold. By using a short bill crankbait, you can slowly crank through the brush. It has a deflecting lure which can imitate the flash that a baitfish produces when it rolls on its side or bumps into a log. The square bills also feature a change-up lure which is perfect when the weather condition changes. While blade baits are ideal for fishing on cloudy or windy days, the square bill is a better choice if you are going out on a fishing trip on sunny days especially if the water is shallow and murky.

Medium Diving Crankbaits

This type of crankbait works for fishing in the spring, especially if the temperature ranges from 40 to low 50 degrees. These crankbaits can catch pre-spawn bass from the deepest part of the water. You have to observe the water clarity so you know the crankbait shape to use for 7 to 10-foot range. If you are fishing in the murky water, you need wide wobbling crankbaits with the ability to retrieve at slow or medium speeds. For clear water conditions, you can consider flat or thin side crankbait. The shape of crankbait will help you identify how you are going to present the lure to the pre-spawn bass.

Deep Diving Crankbaits

A deep diving crankbait is ideal during the summertime because of the heavyweight bass action that it provides. While it may be physically demanding because of its size, it has the potential to trick big bass. When water starts to warm, the bass tends to move closer to the bottom. You will need to check the electronics and see if you can find a perfect spot on the structure to run your deep diving crankbait into it. You can trigger more strikes if you deflect your crankbait. Allow your crankbait to dive deep enough by making a long cast past the target. This technique helps you to hit the spot during your retrieve. It is also necessary to use a thinner line as the line diameter impacts the diving capability of a crankbait. Your plugs can reach the water which is up to 25 feet deep if you consider using the 10 to 12-pound test.

By knowing the crankbaits to use, you will be able to make bass angling as productive and rewarding as possible.

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