Yellow Bird Trolling Flies Coho – CF-19 – Crusader


CF-19 – Crusader

Yellow Bird Fishing Products  2″ long Trolling Coho Fly


Introducing the New “Trolling Flies Series” by Yellow Bird Fishing Products!

These rigged, ready to fish Mini-Coho-Salmon Trolling Flies are hand tied by Veteran’s of the Vietnam War.

Mini Fly – MF4 Pacific Ocean
Coho Fly – CF11 Tita

They feature the finest tinsel tails in the industry, Xtra Sharp Nickel Mustard Treble Hooks, Glow & Colored Beads,

30# P-Line Fluorocarbon leader line. These pulsating flies are great for coho, salmon, browns, kings, lake trout & walleye.

Hook them up to a dodger, dipsy diver, planer board, wire & lead core line to catch those trophy fish.

Get ready for that “arm burn” because your limiting out.

*Mini-Coho Fly Suggestions:

  • Run these flies at 16″ – 20″ behind a 00 or 4″ – 6″ Dodger.
  • Trolling speeds: Lake Trout 1.3-1.6 mph; Oho/Browns1.7-2.2 mph;  Kings/Steel Head2.2-2.8 mph

    Salmon Fly – SF27 Padres

*Salmon Fly Suggestions:

  • Run these flies at 19″-20″ behind 0 or 8″ Dodge
  • Trolling speed: Lake Trout 1.3-1.6 mph; Coho/Browns 1.7-2.2 mph; Kings/Steel Head  2.2-2.8 mph



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