Introducing the New “Trolling Flies Series” by Yellow Bird Fishing Products

These rigged ready to fish Mini-Coho-Salmon Trolling Flies are hand tied by Veterans of the Vietnam War.

SF27 “Padres” Gold
CF11 “Titan” Green Mirage

They feature the finest tinsel tails in the industry,

Xtra Sharp Nickel Mustard Treble Hooks, Glow & Colored Beads, 30#

P-Line Fluorocarbon leader line. These pulsating flies are great for

Coho, Salmon, Browns,Kings, Lake Trout & Walleye. Hook them up to a dodger,

dipsy diver, planer board, wire & lead core lines to catch those Trophy Fish.

Get ready for that “arm burn” because you’re limiting out.

*Mini-Coho Fly suggestions:

MF4 “Pacific Ocean” Teal/Blue/Gold
  • Run these flies at 16″-20″ behind a 00 or 4″-6″ Dodger
  • Trolling Speed: 1.2-1.6 mph Lake Trout; 1.7-2.2 mph Coho/Browns; 2.2-2.8 mph Kings/Steel Head

*Salmon Fly Suggestions:

  • Run these flies at 18″-20″ behind 0 or 8″ Dodge
  • Trolling Speed 1.3-1.6 mph Lake Trout; 1.7-2.2 mph Coho/Browns; 2.2-2.8 Kings/Steel Head