Hard Bait Package Deal


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A hand-picked selection of hard baits that is sure to please every angler on your list.

This collection of high quality, realistically detailed lures have distinctive hand painted colors that fish find irresistible.

The package includes:

  • The 2-1/3″ Yellow Bird Long Bill Minnow Bait in Camo Commander (SP60L-FP-383)
  • The 2-1/2″ Yellow Bird Small Short Bill Minnow Bait in Lemon Drop (SP88S-GP-352)
  • The 4-1/2″ Yellow Bird Large Short Bill Minnow Bait in Blue Steel (SP115S-MG-572)
  • The 2-3/4″ Yellow Bird Short Bill Crank Bait in Trusty Rusty (CF70S-MS-378)
  • The 3″ Yellow Bird Long Bill Crank Bait in Purple Renegade (CF75M-MS-573)
  • The 5-1/2″ Yellow Bird Large Minnow Bait in Pink Albino (F140-MS-801)
  • The 3″ Yellow Bird Deep Diver Bait in Graphite Warrior (VIB75-MS-921)


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