Are You Guilty of These Bass Tournament Fishing Errors?

Are You Guilty of These Bass Tournament Fishing Errors?

Imagine it is the day of the biggest bass tournament you have ever fished. With the pressure on you to do your best, it is easy to make these bass tournament fishing errors.

Are You Ready for the Bass Fishing Tournament?

You have had the day of the bass fishing tournament marked on your calendar for over a year. You have fished the lake many times in the past and always enjoyed fishing at this location. Yet, when tournament time arrives, you can make mistakes.

Common Bass Fishing Tournament Mistakes

In most bass fishing tournaments, the winner is the person who catches the five biggest fish. Going away from what you know is an easy mistake when the pressure is on. Avoid making these common tournament mistakes.

Practicing Too Much

While you want to prepare yourself by knowing the lake where the tournament will be held, fishing it for too many days ahead of time churns up the fish. Then, they will refuse to bite.

Instead, opt for fishing the lake at most two days before the big tournament and encourage your friends to do the same.

Listening to Others

Anglers are known for telling big stories, and some of the biggest that they describe is what works for them on a given lake. Listening to these stories can psyche you out. Additionally, you may not have the experience to follow their techniques.

Instead, of listening to the competition, fish the lures and bait that have worked for you in the past.

Fishing Too Fast

Fishing too fast is a common mistake seen at many fishing tournaments. It is easy to get frustrated when the fish do not seem to be biting.

Take some deep breaths and slow yourself down. You usually have seven hours to bring in the five largest fish and win the tournament. So, spend time on the water using the techniques that have brought you success in the past.

Not Learning the Conditions

A common problem with anglers who fish the same body of water all the time is that they think they know where the fish will be biting. Therefore, they head to the same fishing hole every time.

Many different factors can cause fish to bite one day and refuse the next. Learn how the weather, seasons, water level, and a host of other factors affect bass. Then, apply them to how and where you fish during the tournament.

Fearing the Competition

Imagine you arrive at where you think the fish will be biting, and you see many other anglers fishing there. Do not shudder in fear.

Seeing many anglers fishing in the same spot often means that is where the fish are biting. Instead, of being thrown off your game plan, push your way in and use your best techniques and equipment to show them that you are a great angler.

Refusing to Change Your Tactics

Assume that you have been on the water for a couple of hours and have not caught a single fish. It may be time to change your techniques, lure or bait.

While it is usually a great idea to go with what you think, there will be times when you are wrong. The uncertainty is part of what makes fishing fun. Go ahead and change one thing about what you are doing until you find the perfect option. Remember that most tournaments are seven or eight hours long, so you have plenty of time to experiment slowly.

Experience the Thrill

Watch the fun of a fishing tournament on Harris Chain.

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