Walleye Fishing With a Planer Board

Walleye Fishing With a Planer Board

Do you go fishing regularly? How much do you know about walleye fishing with a planer board? Read on to learn how to do it the right way.

Walleye fishing has never been better, thanks to the growing walleye population in the northern states. If you’re an avid walleye fisherman, you understand the nature of this beautiful fish. It’s not the strongest fish in the lake, but it’s among the smartest and, thus, more challenging to catch at times.

With the right tools, you can increase your chances of catching a trophy walleye in just about any water. Thus, planer boards have grown in popularity. By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how to use a planer board and why planer boards are becoming more popular.

What Is Walleye Fishing?

Walleye fishing is precisely what it sounds like: you’re fishing for walleye fish. Walleyes are smart fish, and you can’t just use any technique to snag these beautiful, tasty fish.

Walleyes may not put up the biggest fight when you catch them, but they’re wily fish that require purposeful technique. This is where a planer board comes in.

This fishing equipment is becoming increasingly popular because of the success fishermen have when using it.

Why Use a Planer Board

Planer boards allow fishermen to reach hard-to-reach areas and cover more fishing areas than they could cover without a board. They are especially effective when a fisherman uses them while trolling.

When a fish hears a boat engine, it will rush to a safe place. As you troll, you let out more fishing lines to drag behind you. But as you do this, you risk the line snagging in weeds as the bait sinks deeper.

The planer board will help you control how deep your bait sinks. You can send bait out as far as 140 feet away from your boat. Plus, you can easily control the depth as you let out or reel in line.

In short, here are the major benefits of using a planer board:

  1. You can send lines farther from the boat.
  2. You can easily see when you have a bite and thus increase your chance of catching fish.
  3. You can stagger your lines more easily.

As you practice with a planer board, you will quickly see their benefits. You will ultimately catch more fish because you’ll easily see if you have a bite.

How to Use a Planer Board

Begin by choosing the right board. Use a smaller board for a lighter lure and a mid-size or all-around board for a heavier lure. Then keep your board to the main line, and keep the bail until your lure runs to your desired depth.

Also, consider the rod and reel you use with your planer board. Specifically, use a trolling rod if you’re using a planer board. You need a rod that can handle the stress of towing and dragging.

Then clip the line on your board and release the line until it’s reached the desired distance from your boat. Once your line has reached the desired distance, lock the reel on the road or the planer board mast system. Then watch for a bite as you troll.

Fish With Confidence

To mix up your walleye fishing adventures, use a planer board. This will allow you to reach the distance you want, cover more area, and reduce the potential for snagging your line. As a whole, you’ll enjoy walleye fishing even more.

Do you enjoy walleye fishing? Are you looking for a planer board? If so, check out our stock of boards and other fishing equipment today.

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