Your Quick and Easy Guide To Fishing With Spoons

Your Quick and Easy Guide To Fishing With Spoons

Spoon lures can easily mimic live bait and quickly attract fish. Their reusability and low cost make them popular tools among new and experienced anglers alike. 

When looking for a new fishing solution, consider using a spoon. Read below to learn more about how you can try fishing with spoons.

What Are Spoons?

Fishing spoons have an elongated oval-like shape that mimics the bodies of small prey. Their one-sided concavity makes them wobble in the water and reflect light.

Because of their prey mimicry, spoons usually attract larger fish like largemouth bass, striped bass, or walleyes. The various shapes and sizes of fishing spoons make them versatile tools for different fishing styles.

The Different Spoons and How To Use Them

Manufacturers like Doctor Spoon customize each spoon for different types of fishing. When fishing with spoons, keep in mind which kind you need. For example, trolling and jigging spoons have different degrees of concavity and thickness.

Casting Spoons

Most spoons sit within the casting spoon category, though anglers can also use them for trolling or rigging. They usually have a narrow top and wide bottom like a small fish led by the tail. The lightweight metal and shape make them easy to cast and produce the alluring wobble effect.


  • Use the basic casting and reeling techniques you learn when you first try fishing.
  • Try varying the speed and movement of the spoon to attract more fish.
  • You can also try twitching and pausing the rod tip, a method that tends to attract curious biters.

Weedless Spoons

Weedless spoons have wider, convex bodies and weed guards to protect them while running through vegetation. The hook rides up further than it would for other casting spoons.


  • Choose this spoon for vegetation areas, twitching it through the foliage carefully.
  • These spoons can work with any depth, though their efficiency increases in shallow waters.
  • Consider amphibian designs when using these spoons.

Trolling Spoons

Trolling spoons have lighter and thinner compositions than other types. Their design lets them troll behind the boat quickly for the much speedier saltwater fish.

  • Trolling spoons work best with specialized rigs, such as diving crankbaits or inline snaps on sinkers.
  • Rigs and sinkers allow the trollers to reach further depths while remaining lightweight for quick movement.

Jigging Spoons

When anglers target bottomfeeders, jigging spoons tend to be more effective. These heavy spoons reach the bottom of the water with ease.


  • To mimic prey movement, use vertical jigging. You do this by jerking the spoon upwards and letting it fall on a slack line several times.
  • Deepwater fish usually strike as the spoon falls, so prepare for the pull.

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