Premium Doctor Spoon with Red LazerSharp Hooks in (PM403) Hammered Copper


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This Unique Series of Doctor Spoons is plated with high grade precious metals for a premium quality finish like you find on fine jewelry. They have premium Eagle Claw 3X strong Red LazerSharp Treble Hooks.

Available Sizes:
  • PM245: 3/16 oz and 1-1/4″ long
  • PM255: 1/4 oz and 1-7/8″ long
  • PM265: 3/8 oz and 2-1/2″ long
  • PM275: 5/8 oz and 3-3/4″ long
  • PM285: 1-3/16 oz and 4-1/2″ long

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Weight 0.19 oz
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