Doctor Spoon Package Deal A


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A hand-picked selection of doctor spoons that will keep ’em fishin.

This collection of time-tested lures are made in the USA and includes:

  • Doctor Ice in Nickel / Red 1-1/4 inches (P245-304)
  • Doctor Spoon in Pikey 3-3/4 inches (P275-45)
  • Doctor Spoon in Nickel Hex Hammered / Orange Swirl 4-1/2 inches (P285-400)
  • Weedless Doctor Spoon in Gold 5-1/2 inches (P595-102)
  • Weedless Doctor Spoon in Nickel / Neon Blue 2-1/2 Inches (P565-307)
  • Thin Doctor Spoon in Rainbow Trout 4-1/2inches (P185-209)
  •  Doctor Spoon Casting Spoon in Alewife/Glow 3-3/4 inches (P375-223)


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