Fishing Lures Made in the USA

Proudly Made In America

At Yellow Bird Fishing, we take pride in the products we supply, and we guarantee that all of these products are made in the United States of America. We are a leader in the fishing industry since 1893, and are dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to the market. We aim to increase enjoyment of fishing as a sport, and to provide a wide range of products for the fishing enthusiast.

A vital part of our ethos is the quality and craftsmanship of our products, and our assurance that all of these have been manufactured in their entirety in the United States of America. We are firm in our belief in the excellent and exacting standards of American-made products, and always prioritize quality over price. While other companies may turn to and depend on cheaper imports, we are steadfast in our faith in the importance of supporting the made in America brands.

The Prescott Spinner was first introduced in 1893, and has been used by generations of fishing enthusiasts. We continue to produce and sell this spinner to the same design and standards as those used by its original creator, Charlie Staph. This spinner is 100% made in America, and we feel that we are continuing the tradition begun by Charlie over a hundred years ago.

Another of our products, which we hope will claim the same longevity, is the Yellow Bird Planer Board. These boards were introduced in 1970, and are still an immensely popular piece of fishing equipment. They are used by professional and amateurs alike, and are 100% American-made. The fishing community are constantly finding new ways to utilize the Yellow Bird Planer Board, and recognize its usefulness in helping them to catch more and bigger fish.

Our Doctor Spoon series began over seventy-five years ago with the Original Doctor Spoon, a spoon doctor that is still going strong. Over the years, we have expanded the range to meet the needs of different types of fishing; from ice-fishing to lake fishing, and from big game fishing to deep trolling. This series began in the USA, and is still manufactured from start to finish in America.

Yellow Bird Fishing are proud proponents of 100% Made in America brands. We are passing the skills, craftsmanship and designs of our founders to the fishing public today, and ensuring that our products never fail to meet expectations and standards. Our 100% Made in America badge is an essential part of our identity, and we are staunch supporters of those manufacturers who continue to turn out high-quality and innovative products. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the fishing industry, and, as leaders, we are committed to continuing our support of the Made in America brands. We are one of a handful of companies who are 100% Made in America, and our pledge to our customers is to maintain this exclusivity and declaration of quality.

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*Please note that since we added this post, we have added our new line of hard baits that are not made in America. All our other products are still are still manufactured right here in the USA!

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