7 Must-Haves For Your Fishing Tackle Box

7 Must-Haves For Your Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing is a great way to relieve stress, enjoy the afternoon sun, and take your boat out on the lake. When you’re out on the lake ready to feel the line pull from that unexpectant bite, your mind wanders to the tacklebox, and there’s nothing worst than forgetting a vital item that’s not easily accessible when you’re surrounded by miles of water. To avoid this, be sure to keep your fishing tackle box stocked with the following items on your next fishing trip.

Pocket Knife

Although using your teeth is an option, and we definitely don’t advise it, a pocket knife is a vital part of your fishing tackle box. When your fishing line gets snagged on some treasure buried deep in the lake, it’s a quick cut, and you can quickly reset your pole and get back to the task at hand. Man versus fish.

Fishing Line

You want to be sure to include extra fishing line in your fishing tackle box for those times when you have to cut the line away.

Fishing Hooks

Any good fisherman knows to bring extra fishing hooks. There are three types of fishing hooks, which are single, double, and treble. Hooks on the smaller side are great for smaller fish, and larger hooks are the appropriate choice for larger fish.


Your tackle box wouldn’t be complete without having some fishing lures on hand. These are used to attract the attention of fish and can also be used when you’re targeting a specific species. You can cast your lure a lot farther out than you could live bait, and they are a better alternative for catch and release fishing. A few types to consider include spoons, hard baits, and spinners.

Bobbers & Planer Boards

Bobbers go by a variety of names like corks, floats, or balloons. Using these helps to keep track of your casting distance, and it’s also a bite indicator. Once the fish takes the bait, the bobber sinks. Ball bobbers are a common pick. If you feel the line pull or you see the bobber starting to move, it’s your signal to reel in the line.

Planer boards have many of the advantages of bobbers and then some. In addition to being a great bite indicator and allowing you to track casting distance and controlling the depth of your bait or lure, using planer boards also let you have more lines in the water and more control over placement.


Sinkers help you to throw your line deeper into the water into the fish’s environment. These are generally made of lead, but some states are making the change to use other alternatives to lead such as alloy, steel, or tin. Split-shot singers can be reused. You can attach them to your fishing lure or directly on the fishing line.

First aid kit

Accidents happen, and you want to be prepared for any unforeseen event that can take place. Grab a first aid kit and put a couple of bandages, tape, cleaning wipes, antiseptic cream, and anything else you think is appropriate out on the lake.

When you’re out there fishing, you want to make sure you have everything you need in one place so you don’t have to worry about abandoning your fishing spot you’ve been at since early in the morning and running out to the store. By keeping your fishing tackle box stocked with these couple of items, you’ll be set for the rest of the day, and as we all know, the early bird gets the worm.

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