Ways Of Preparing Fish Over A Campfire

Ways Of Preparing Fish Over A Campfire

Camping provides an excellent opportunity to relax your mind and get some peace. The campfire gives warmth, keeps wild animals away, and helps you cook your meals while camping. While camping, one of the essentials is fire.

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable recreational activities to engage in during camping. If you are lucky to get a good catch, you are sure to have a great dinner session with friends or family.
There are various ways of preparing your fish over a campfire. Below are some of them.

Cooking a Fish Over a Campfire


Skewering refers to inserting a pin of metal or wood through the fish to hold during cooking. To begin, poke the skewer or roasting stick through the fish. Place the skewer on top of hot coals.

Turn the fish regularly to ensure that all sides are well-cooked. After a few minutes, take the fish off the fire. Your skewer must be strong to sustain the weight of the fish. Wait for the flames to die and test if the temperature is right by placing your hands over the coal.

Cook the fish by turning it from time to time till it charred on both sides. Use a fork to test if it is well cooked. When you get the ideal temperature, place the fish over the hot charcoal. Afterward, peel the skin and remove the skewer.


Baking refers to using dry heat to prepare foods. When camping, you can use ash or clay for baking your fish. Ensure you smear your fish with a thick layer of clay or ash. Bury the coated fish in hot coals and make a fire on top of the burning coal.

The clay or ash acts as an oven that seals the moisture inside the fish. The hot air cooks the fish to perfection. To be sure that the fish is well cooked, wait for one hour.

Crack the clay open and remove the fish.


Grilling involves exposing the fish to direct or radiant heat. When grilling, you can decide to marinate your fish. Wrap your fish in aluminum foil and heat your grill until it’s hot enough, and place your wrapped fish over the grill.

When grilling, ensure that the grill is clean, sufficiently preheated and that your fish is oiled to avoid sticking and breaking into pieces. Turn your fish after every five minutes. It should be ready in less than thirty minutes.


Frying refers to cooking foods in fat. You can decide to deep fry your fish or shallow fry it. You are probably asking if you will need to carry your cooking equipment to the camping site.

That is an option; however, sometimes you can rent cooking equipment from the shops near the camping site. Prepare your fish by cutting it into pieces. Set your pan on the campfire and pour some oil. Ensure that it is well heated and put your fish in the pan. When the fish acquires a golden brown on both sides, your fish is ready to eat.


When boiling fish, bring your pot of water over the campfire and wait for it to heat. Prepare your fish by thoroughly cleaning it. Put the fish in the water and leave it for some minutes.

Using a fork or skewer, check the fish, and if the chunks flake, it is a sign that your fish is ready. Fish has a powerful smell, and seasoning will help to reduce the strong smell and aftertaste.


Take advantage of the next camping trip and level up your kitchen skills by trying these cooking methods over the campfire.

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