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7 New Year’s Fishing Resolutions You Will Want to Keep

January is the time to make New Year’s resolutions. If you are an angler, then we have some suggestions that will make it easy for you to be among the 10 percent who keep their New Year’s resolutions this year.

1. Teach Someone Else to Fish

Since you already know what a great sport fishing is, share the joy with someone else. Take your children with you or borrow a neighbor’s kid. Alternatively, plenty of senior citizens would love to go fishing with you. Sharing your fishing expedition with someone else will make it all the better.

2. Enter a Fishing Tournament

There are many great fishing tournaments spread across America. Plan your schedule so that you can enter one this year. Even if you do not place, you will enjoy the experience as you meet others from the area who enjoy the sport of fishing.

3. Try a New Fishing Destination

Many anglers find that they return to the same fishing lakes many times. Make it a point to try a new destination this year. Consider planning your vacation so that you can fish a new lake. Study the destination in the weeks leading up to the trip so that you are ready. This allows you to dream of fishing even when you cannot be on a body of water right now.

4. Get Involved in Cleaning up a Lake

Anglers who enjoy fishing need to consider helping to keep them clean. Find out when groups are meeting to clean up around your favorite fishing destination. Even if you cannot join a formalized group, make sure to clean up after yourself each time that you go fishing.

5. Buy a New Fishing Lure

Ok, we admit this one is biased, but here goes. There are many lures that you have not tried yet. Try a new one this year. If you have not tried a Yellow Bird Doctor Spoon, Hard Bait, or a Planer Board yet, make sure that you do before the end of the year 😉

6. Be Thankful for Fishing

While you are on your next fishing trip, take a moment to be grateful that you know how to fish. Take a moment to feel the gentle breeze on your face, the sun shining down on you and the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Even if you do not catch a fish, stop and realize how lucky you are to be able to enjoy the experience.

7. Take Lots of Pictures

Make your memories last longer by taking lots of photos. Even if you are regularly yelling at your teenagers for taking too many selfies, snap a photo of you with that big fish that you just caught. Use it as proof for your friends that the big one did not get away this time. Enjoy looking at them in the cold winter months, when it is too cold to go fishing.

Making these seven resolutions makes it easier for you to be among the 10 percent who keep their New Year’s resolutions this year. Additionally, as you meet each one, you will be adding to your fishing fun throughout the year.

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