The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Colors for Crank Baits

Anglers invest a lot of money into catching fish. Approximately $16 billion out of the $45 billion fishing industry goes toward bass fishing. If you’re among the 79% of fishermen who rely on artificial lures and bait, you know the monetary importance of choosing the right types of bait. But, how do you decide from the hundreds of color […]

How to Catch Spring Bass with Crank Baits

Guide to Buying Crankbaits

Crank baits have become some of the most lifelike lures available to bass fisherman, and their shape and color has turned them into a favorite meal for bass. Whether you choose a bluegill or a crawfish crank bait, bass will hunt crank baits for all of the four seasons. Early spring is one of the […]

Top Guide for Using Hard Baits

Hard baits are tough and durable fishing lures made from materials unlike bait-fish bodies. They have hard materials designed for use in areas that include rocks, concrete structures, and fallen trees. Fish strike the baits because of their movement and appearance. Hard baits have shapes and colors like favorite food fish and move in ways […]

Fishing with Planer Boards

Fishing with Planer Boards

Fishing with a planer board is great for trolling for fish, as well as casting in streams, or in any body of water with sufficient current to push the board into place. However, what exactly do planer boards do when you are fishing? Well, for one, planer boards help you to avoid tangling your other […]