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The Thin Doctor has long been a closely held secret by a relative few but astute anglers. Now the secrets out!

The Thin Doctor is in wide release and everyone will soon know just how hot a trolling spoon the Thin Doctor really is.

  • Its unique design allows this spoon to be fished at almost any speed with deadly results.
  • This double action spoon allows you to attach the hook to the large end for a wide sweeping action and mid-depth running.
  • Tie it to the narrow end for deep low trolling and a tight wobbling action.
  • The Thin Doctor is made of thin spring tempered brass. This gives it a deadly fluttering action at even the slowest speeds. You can bend it slightly to change the action.
  • Jig it, troll it, fish it shallow or deep this spoon is deadly on almost all species of fresh and saltwater game fish.
  • It’s one of the, most deadly, trolling lures ever developed.
  • Equipped with high strength stainless steel split rings and jaw grabbing Premium Eagle Claw® laser sharp nickel treble hooks – 3x strong.
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 7 jewelry-like finishes.

Made in the USA.