Perch Fishing In The Fall

Perch Fishing In The Fall

Among the true plate favorites around the country, perch is a great fish for fall sports fishing or harvesting. Using light tackle and an array of small spinner baits, one can lure perch into energetic strikes by a combination of flash and vibration. Known as a schooling hunter, perch can give anglers head scratching moments when the same area yields abundant strikes one day and goes completely empty the next. Perch respond to many parts of their environment including water clarity, temperatures, and winds.

Fall Is the Time For Harvest

While some people prepare to sharpen their eyes and reflexes for hunting season, and many anglers look for a salmon run, the large numbers of yellow perch begin to fatten for the cold weather. They sense the shorter days, dimmer sun and cooler temperatures and begin to feed vigorously. The perch move into shallow waters as the water temperatures drop in the fall. They move in schools and feed on small baitfish. One can have successful days on a boat or onshore working shiny, vibrating lures across structures and near drop-offs. Color can be effective particularly in clear water, and flashing blades work well on sunny days.

The life cycle of yellow perch gives clues to their feeding patterns. They spawn quite early in the spring and must have energy to survive the slow moving days of winter. They feed and fatten heavily in the fall, and it continues into early winter.

The Right Lures and Baits

Sharp hooks are a necessity to get a good hook set. The single and double blade spinner rigs are classic perch lures and quite effective when available in colors that stand out in prevailing water conditions. Chartreuse and bright red or orange can be very effective in clear or slightly stained water. Extra beads for color and blades for vibration are helpful in muddy conditions. Perch are known to move in schools, and they are attracted by muddy areas that have been stirred by activity. Many anglers use small minnow baits that offer a lot of action to trigger strikes near structure, or bring up fish holding in warm pockets of water.

On-Board or On-Shore

According to an experienced angler from OutdoorEmpire, trolling near the shallows is an excellent approach to fall perch fishing. Perch fishing can be excellent in seven to ten feet depths. Casting over grassy areas and fallen timbers with brightly colored weedless spoons, small shallow-running crank baits, and high riding minnow lures is rewarding. They will each bring the hungry fish up from the structures and drop off areas.

Fall Fun and Winter Rewards

A freezer full of yellow perch is a great reward for fall days in the sun. These delightfully tasty fish will fill the table nicely in the long winter; the meat is slightly sweet, white, and flaky. One can prepare it a number of ways but for many a dusting of cornmeal and a pan with olive oil and butter works best.

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