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Gone Fishing: 5 Tips for Winter Trout Fishing

If you’re thinking about heading out and catching some prize trout this winter, it’ll take some advice that’ll serve as a winning formula.

The cold temperatures don’t mean that you need to pack it in until spring.

Contrarily, there are some great catches to be had during the winter – trout in particular.

If you are new to winter trout fishing or trout fishing altogether, consider these tips so that you’re able to find success.

1. Location Is Everything for Trout Fishing

When you want to take a great trout fishing trip, it pays to start with choosing the best location.

If you’re in the illinois area, there are several lakes you can hit during the winter time – including Lakes Michigan, Shelbyville, Clinton, and Kinkaid.

When you plan to take a fishing vacation, the Carolinas and Florida are excellent places to load your cooler with trout.

Rainbow trout are the most common types of trout found in the United States, but you can also fish for brown trout, brook trout, steelhead trout, cutthroat trout, and seatrout.

2. Adjust to The Change in Speed

The biggest change you’ll see during winter fishing trips is that the trout will move much slower.

The reason that you will see trout move slower is that their metabolism also slows down. As a result, you need to be mindful of water levels and slow your movements to match.

You’ll find more success and get more bites with this small adjustment.

3. Pick the Correct Bait

Choosing the proper bait is crucial for any trout fishing, but particularly in the winter time.

During cold weather fishing trips, you’ll want to switch to bait options like maggots, wax worms, and mealworms or lures such as spoons and spinners.

Get quality bait and a top tackle box that can help you stock up on whichever bait will catch the type of trout you are looking for.

4. Choose the Right Clothing

Since fish are slowing down and weather conditions are changing, you need to dress accordingly.

You’ll be spending more time on the water and must exercise patience – so wear thick winter clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable. Avoid windbreaker materials that make noise, since this will alert fish and cause them to steer clear.

Be sure that you are choosing colors that blend in with the area so that the fish are none the wiser.

5. Buy the Best Rod and Reel Sets

To catch trout in the winter time, you’ll want to be particular about the rod and reel set that you choose.

For best results, choose a lightweight model so that you have a better handle when fighting with winter trout.

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