Doctor Spoons Cure Being Skunked

I’m putting it out there right away. I know that I’m not the only angler who has ever gone out and got skunked. You had one of those days when nothing wants to bite and you go home without a single strike. Today it seemed like the fish didn’t want your spoon even though they ate it like crazy the day before. You tried changing out spoons with other spoons, changing colors and sizes, but still nothing. Next time this happens to me, I’m going to call the doctor to come help before leaving the lake. By doctor, I mean Doctor Spoons.

Doctor Spoons ( are the original two in one spoon. Amazingly, there are still companies trying to copy them, but to no avail. Only Doctor Spoons can be tied to either end with the same fish catching success. A double action spoon you might call it because when you tie the line to the narrow end and put a hook on the wide back end this makes the spoon have a tight wobbling action; on the other hand, if you tie the line to the wide end and put a hook on the narrow end you get a wide, sweeping action.

There are three series of Doctor Spoons, the 200 series original Doctor Spoon casting model, 100 series Thin Doctor trolling model, and the new 300 series Rocket Doctor for long distance casting and trolling. Doctor Spoons can be used in fresh and saltwater for any game fish.

All of the Doctor Spoons can be casted or trolled to catch fish. It comes in five sizes including 3/16-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 3/8-ounce, 5/8-ounce, and 1 3/16-ounce, and a wide variety of finishes. The 200 series original Doctor Spoon like the other Doctor Spoons in the series are designed for catching lake trout, muskie, northern, bass, salmon, stripers, rainbows, brown, walleye, and other fresh and saltwater fish.

Thin Doctor has a tight wobbling action when the hook is attached to the wide end of the spoon when trolling medium to fast. If the line is attached to the wide end of the spoon you will get a wide sweeping action that is great for trolling slow. The Thin Doctor is made of thin spring tempered brass. Its shape and weight allows for a fluttering action when slowly trolled. Due to its lightweight most anglers don’t cast the Thin Doctor and prefer to troll them. Only real gold, real silver, and copper plating are used. The painted finishes are over real silver plating. It comes in three sizes and numerous color patterns including the Great Lake Series.Premium Doctor Spoons with red Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hook

Rocket Doctor Spoons

Also available in the Precious Metal Series is the Premium Doctor Spoon. It has a premium finish and come rigged with a red Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hook. Similar to the other Doctor Spoons it can be trolled or casted.

The Rocket Doctor was designed not only for trolling, but casting and vertical jigging. It’s stamped from .080 premium brass and comes equipped with extra strong split rings and a 2x strong treble hook. The extra weight of this spoon makes it easy for anglers to make extremely long casts to schooling fish; in addition to allowing it to fall quickly under the boat and jig vertically over structure or schools of fish.

Sick of getting skunked when you go out fishing? Try taking a couple of Doctor Spoons with you. I’m sure the prognosis will be a successful fishing trip.

Author: Brad Wiegmann

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