All You Need To Know About Fishing Spoon

Discover the rich history and versatility of fishing spoons. These lures, made from hammered metal, mimic injured baitfish to attract fish. Types like casting, jigging, trolling, and flutter spoons offer unique actions for varying techniques. Choose based on your target species and fishing depth—larger spoons for big fish, smaller for trout. Master techniques like jigging, […]

Can We Go Fishing During COVID-19?

Can We Go Fishing During COVID-19?

The quick answer is: Yes, you can probably go fishing in your area. But, there may be some guidelines – and there are certainly necessary precautions to take. Read on to learn some general, good-sense tips for navigating the waters during this pandemic and quarantine. We’ve also included some state-specific advice and references. General Coronavirus […]

Yellow Bird’s New Local Leadership Outstanding

By: Steve Sarley/Northwest Herald/Outdoors Columnist – July 2011 I’ve previously written that I try to buy products made in America if I can.  If the products are made in Illinois, then that is all the better.  The only thing better than that is when I actually can meet the manufacturer and find him to be a […]