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Great Lake Series
  • The Thin Doctor Great Lakes Series spoon is made of very light but durable tempered brass.
  • They are too light for casting but are terrific for trolling.
  • The flash of these tinsel tails will entice more fish to strike while yielding a higher hook percentage.
  • Its unique design allows this spoon to be fished at almost any speed with deadly results.
  • This double action spoon allows you to attach the hook to the large end for a wide sweeping action and mid-depth running.
  • Tie it to the narrow end for deep low trolling and tight wobbling action.
  • This spoon is deadly on almost all species of fresh or saltwater game fish.
  • They come in 16 spectacular jewelry-like finishes.
  • Equipped with high strength stainless steel split rings and jaw grabbing Premium Eagle Claw® laser sharp nickel treble hooks – 3x strong.
  • Often imitated never duplicated.

Made in the USA.